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Declutter Your Home This Year With These Simple Steps

Declutter Your Home This Year With These Simple Steps
Posted: Jan 11, 2021
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Louisiana Custom Closet Shares 3 Tips For Cleaner Homes

When we think of the perfectly 'organized' home, we tend to visualize glowing countertops, balanced cabinets, and crystal clear surfaces. Many of us visualize these images of magazine-worthy spaces that could put interior decorators to shame. From custom closet spaces to accessible pantries, the idea of an 'organized home' in our heads usually looks flawless in practically every way.

Of course, a perfectly clean and decluttered home should never be our day-to-day ideal. For those of us who eat, work, sleep, and take care of loved ones (i.e. live life), we know that life is anything but organized. Every day is a new adventure, which requires all kinds of flexibility and motility to be captured. Functional organization, not perfection, should be an important part of the modern home.

We know that our home isn't always the cleanest or most organized place in the world. We also know that our house needs to hold some semblance of cleanliness and organization in order to keep us happy, healthy, and productive.

Need ideas to declutter home? At LCC, installing organization is our specialization. Let's take a look at three important tips for a cleaner home in 2021.

Decluttering: 3 Simple Steps

With every new year comes a new opportunity to declutter your home the right way. Establish a winning precedent by following the helpful decluttering steps below.

Get Started With Decluttering As Early As Possible

As soon as you feel the first inklings of excitement about the decluttering process, go to town by making noticeable headway as soon as possible.

Attack Garages, Pantries, Closets, And Laundry Rooms

There are four areas of your home that tend to build up more clutter than other spaces. These include your garage, pantry, closets, and any dedicated laundry rooms you may have. Get these areas sorted out as soon as possible to mitigate the effects of clutter in your household.

  • Garage: Toss old boxes or lawn equipment.
  • Pantry: Throw out old food or specialty appliances you don't want.
  • Closet: Get rid of clothing you no longer wear. Donate nice pieces to a good cause if possible!
  • Laundry Room: Recycle older linens and throw away dangerous chemicals that have expired.

If you can't decide whether or not to get rid of something in your house, follow the " 'nt " Rule. If you don't want it, can't consume it, and won't need it later, find someone else who might!

Roll The Momentum Forward

Once you have whittled down the items in your home, it'll be time to store them away - correctly this time!

Use vertical storage options such as shelves, cubbies, and built in cabinets to keep items off the floor and out of sight. Do what you can to eliminate future clutter from building up by removing outdated items, broken decor, and unwanted or unused gifts.

If you are interested in installing helpful organizational appliances with a team that cares, get in contact with the experts at LCC at your earliest convenience.

Schedule an appointment with the crew at Louisiana Custom Closets to start the decluttering process as soon as possible. With locations in Covington, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans, we have everything you need to make your next custom installation a breeze. Your next Northshore custom closets will be exactly what you need to harness vertical storage and organizational tools around your most frequently used spaces.

Call, click, or visit with us in person today to start the construction process now. Let's get your home decluttered together!