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Debunking The 4 Biggest Myths About Custom Closets

Debunking The 4 Biggest Myths About Custom Closets
Posted: Jun 14, 2023
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Have you ever heard people talking about the pains of custom closets? Or how hard they are to install around Gulf Coast properties? If you have, you're already familiar with some custom closet myths, including half-truths, fibs, and downright untrue information.

There's a lot of misleading information about custom closet spaces and how they work. It can be tough to know which sources or correct and which ones are concocted by marketing professionals. Luckily, we're here to set the record straight with authentic information from seasoned custom closet professionals.

Let's dive in.

Myth 1: There's No Such Thing As Affordable Custom Closets.

Many people believe custom closets are only for the rich and famous. However, this is patently untrue. The truth is that custom closets can be as expensive or thrifty as you desire. 

You also don't need to take out loans or second mortgages. Instead, you can make your design more or less expensive depending on the finishes, accessories, and hardware you select.

This brings us to our next myth:

Myth 2: Closet Space Planning Is Difficult.

Planning a custom closet can take some time, like plotting a garden or choosing paint for a room. However, that doesn't mean it needs to be complicated. With Louisiana Custom Closets, it could be far easier than you think.

Designing a closet takes only a few steps with Louisiana Custom Closets:

  • Your free consultation comes with CAD designers who can bring your initial ideas to life.
  • Our seasoned technicians take measurements of your home to make the impossible possible.
  • You work one-on-one with an experienced 3D designer to finalize the layout of your closet. 
  • If you're happy with the final design, we can schedule your closet installation process within two or three weeks.

This partially answers the subject of our next myth:

Myth 3: Custom Closet Installation Can Take Months.

It's true that some custom closet providers can take weeks, if not months, to install your closet space. That said, the best of the best is much faster than that. Sometimes, some may require only a few hours or days.

The professional team at Louisiana Custom Closets can install your space in a day or less. We pride ourselves on treating your home like our own so you can get back to living and organizing your closet. You can start hanging your clothes in your new closet within minutes of us leaving the property!

Myth 4: It's Easier To Build A Custom Closet From The Box Store.

This myth is untrue for several reasons.

First, the lower cost of a box store closet system doesn't account for shoddy or low-quality materials. 

Second, it doesn't include the installation cost, which may require days or even weeks of your time. 

Finally, they're anything but customized. Most box systems are standardized and don't offer unique options.

When you work with custom closet professionals like LCC, you get the following:

  • Five unique custom closet finishes
  • Larger, deeper drawers and shelves
  • No cheap hardware

Let LCC Dispel These Myths With A Delightful Custom Closet Installation Experience

Most custom closet companies offer slipshod experiences, leading to the rise of these custom closet myths. But with the professional team at Louisiana Custom Closets by your side, you can discover an entirely different experience. 

With more than 20 years in the custom closet space and commanding hundreds of five-star reviews, we're excited to show you what real custom closet professionals can do for you. Our team operates in Covington, New Orleans, and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We also serve customers from Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi.

Getting affordable custom closets is now within your reach. If you're ready, don't hesitate to reach out to the Louisiana Custom Closets team. Just contact us today to get your free in-home estimate and turn your custom closet dreams into reality.