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Customized Closets for Oddly-Shaped Closet Spaces

Customized Closets for Oddly-Shaped Closet Spaces
Posted: Jul 14, 2023
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So you're ready to customize your closet space and fall back in love with your storage. The trouble is, your closet doesn't look anything like the ones you see online—and you're starting to worry about your options.

If you have an oddly-shaped closet space, this is the article for you. We're covering everything you need to know about building customized closets with awkward shapes and sizes, including how the right custom closet installation specialist can help you succeed.

But first, let's answer a question:

What Is An Oddly-Shaped Closet?

There's no such thing as an “ordinary” closet since not all storage dimensions are equally defined by contractors. That said, there are some basic expectations of what a closet should look like. If your closet has strange slopes, gaps, corners, or construction features, it's likely an oddly-shaped closet compared to other spaces.

But that doesn't mean your closet is unusable. Far from it! With the right professionals and thoughtful upgrades, you can turn any-shaped closet into a luxurious storage space.

Let's look at a few ways you can do just that.

How To Customize Your Oddly-Shaped Closet

Ready to take your oddly-shaped closet from drab to fab? Here are a few tips for upgrading your space.

1. Mix And Match With Hanging Hardware

Maybe your closet space isn't big enough for a full storage rack. Perhaps there's not enough space to install a floor-to-ceiling cabinet. In either case, one solution reigns supreme: installing different kinds of vertical storage to accommodate your space.

Start by “embracing the awkward” of your space and using a mix of hangers, bars, and hooks. Then, you can upgrade with smaller organizers and rods to bring out the best in your space.

2. Turn Tiny Spaces Into Vertical Storage

If you’re struggling to find a use for that tiny gap or harsh closet angle, you may consider adding some vertical storage to maximize floor-to-ceiling space. If floating shelves aren’t piquing your interest, recessed storage and pull-out drawers are always available. You’re welcome to chat with the team behind Louisiana Custom Closets to get a free in-home estimate for your awkward closet space.

3. Make It Accessible

One of the things that makes an odd-shaped closet awkward is the inability to access items when or where you need them. You may need to crawl into tight or dark corners to find specific items or even pull out a step stool or small ladder to grab things off the top shelf.

You may be unable to fix the height or depth of your awkward closet. However, there are ways of reducing the inconveniences by rethinking your setup.

For example:

  • You can install sliding shelves to store items close to the wall. Then, when you need better access, you can slide items toward you in a single motion.
  • Cubbies can make the most of your space with a flat surface and “shelved” cubes. If you don't have the space for traditional cubbies, consider recessing them into the wall.
  • Add custom storage accessories for ties, jewelry, and more. Louisiana Custom Closets can help you find the perfect fit.

Revitalize Your Oddly-Shaped Closet Spaces With Louisiana Custom Closets

Customizing an oddly-shaped closet can pose some difficulty in the beginning. However, it also provides the opportunity to put a personal touch on a space all your own. Whether you’re looking to add new shelving and accessories or overhaul the entire area, you can rely on the team at Louisiana Custom Closets to get the job done right.

Homeowners across the Gulf Coast trust Louisiana Custom Closets with their custom closet needs. From closet space planning to custom closet installation, our legacy of success truly speaks for itself. Just check out our five-star reviews!

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