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Custom Closet Cabinetry - What To Know Before You Buy

Custom Closet Cabinetry - What To Know Before You Buy
Posted: Jan 6, 2021
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Discover The World Of Custom Cabinets With LCC

A custom closet is a blank canvas for many ideas, innovations, and styles to take root. Unleashing your creative and organizational energy into a custom design is an excellent way to draw your personal style into the most intimate part of your life.

However, there's a lot to know about the custom cabinet industry, especially during your first foray into the world of custom design.

Here are three things you should know about custom closet cabinetry before you choose to invest.

1. Cabinets are not always 'in the box.'

When we think of cabinets, we tend to think of square, wooden boxes like the ones we see in outdated kitchens or bathrooms. While these objects are relatively practical, they do little for us in terms of visual appeal or style. However, it is important to note that standard 'over the counter' cabinet designs do not necessarily apply to custom closet cabinetry.

Custom closets are a shell for many organizational accessories and appliances. Among these include Rubbermaid FastTrack systems, jewelry drawers, and pull out racks that enhance a lifestyle of organization. Why should your custom cabinetry be anything less?

2. Closet cabinets are not just for the rich.

The term 'custom' is a buzzword that often turns people away from pursuing custom cabinet installations in their home. Yet, it is important to remember that personalized designs and materials cost much less than they did even 20 years ago.

Any budget can be used to build custom closet cabinetry, especially once a definitive design has been formally constructed.

3. Custom closet cabinets should be professionally made.

Many DIY sources and online forums espouse the ease at which custom closet cabinets can be built from scratch. Not only is this idea much more difficult in practice than it is on paper, but it may be potentially dangerous or even destructive to your home.

  • Incorrectly secured cabinets may come apart with too much lopsided weight, damaging goods, walls, and even people.
  • The DIY costs of custom closet cabinetry may be no cheaper than professionally manufactured goods.
  • The time cost of building custom closets may be days, weeks, or even months long. Professionally made custom cabinets will take half as long.

If custom closet cabinetry is in the future for your home, it would be wise to consult with a professional team instead of attempting to manage the project on your own.

Louisiana Custom Closet Will Build The Right Cabinets For Your Custom Closet

The most important aspect of your custom closet should always be quality, and with Louisiana Custom Closets, our goal is to ensure professionalism at every turn. Our highly trained CAD designers will work with you one on one to develop a cabinet design that meets your needs. Next, your custom blueprints will be brought to life at our Covington manufacturing plant, where our service team carefully processes each and every piece. Finally, our implementation experts will deliver the final product into your home. Installation typically takes less than one day, and is as minimally invasive as possible to decrease your stress and protect your custom cabinet design.

This year, give yourself the gift of a personalized touch. Contact the award-winning team at Louisiana Custom Closets to get started developing the closet cabinets of your dreams. Our team is standing by to take your questions or comments by phone, email, or in-person at one of our Louisiana branches. After all, you aren't just a customer -- you're family.

Reach out to the team today!