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Costly Custom Closets Myths & What You Can Do

Costly Custom Closets Myths & What You Can Do
Posted: Jul 13, 2021
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Everybody loves the idea of custom closets. Who wouldn't love a perfectly designed storage room to show off the intricacies of your wardrobe? Unfortunately, custom closets have been vilified by streams of red herrings over the years. This misinformation has kept millions of Americans from investing in custom closets, as they worry about quality, price tags, and affordability. Sadly, many of these custom closet myths are synonymous with the words 'expensive,' 'costly,' and 'affluence.' 

While it's true that custom closets make their owners feel luxurious and spoiled, it's also true that many systems are much less expensive than what's commonly believed. Some popular myths surrounding custom closets might cost you more money in the future.

Let's take a closer look at five custom closet myths, and explore why they could be costing you more than you bargained for.

The Top Five Most Expensive Custom Closet Myths

If you've always wanted to explore a custom closet but felt you couldn't afford to look, this blog post is for you. Let Louisiana Custom Closet help dispel some of the most common lies about custom closets in Covington, LA.

1. Building a custom closet doesn't help with organization.

Despite popular belief, intentionally designed custom closets are far easier to organize than any pre-fabricated space. Not only are custom-built closets designed with your unique needs in mind, but they provide much more value than older, outdated closets. A custom closet space is worth every penny. Speak with a builder about your particular organizational needs.

2. Custom closets are secured into the floor.

The vast majority of custom closet systems are built into the walls and ceilings of your room. In doing so, you can maintain plenty of floor space while still maximizing room for storage inside your closet.

3. Only big-box stores offer high-quality custom closet systems.

While you can certainly purchase closet systems from a store like IKEA or Amazon, you certainly can't expect anything 'custom' about them. Big box stores offer cookie-cutter options that may or may not work for you. What's more, they will probably cost more than you bargained for.

4. DIY'ing a custom closet is much cheaper than paying for a professional.

DIY materials take time, money, and lots of effort. Unless you have plenty of training and lots of time to work, your DIY efforts might be more labor-intensive than you first realized.

5. Custom closets are only for the rich.

Although TV shows have distorted the way people look at custom closets, the reality is that these projects cost the same or less than any other renovation project in your home. If you are willing to do some research, you may locate a company that offers everything you're looking for at just the right price.

Louisiana Custom Closet Puts Design Back On Your To-Do List

Although misinformation surrounding custom closet spaces are high, you know better. Professionally designing, building, and installing your custom closets aren't just cost-effective, but they could save you more money in the long run.

When you're ready to start discussing your storage design options, why not reach out to the team at Louisiana Custom Closet? We've been Southern LA's premier custom closet provider for decades, building all of your organizational needs right here in our Covington LA factory.

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