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Consider These 2021 Trends In Your Custom Closet Design

Consider These 2021 Trends In Your Custom Closet Design
Posted: Oct 7, 2020
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Custom Closet Trends For The New Year

2020 has felt like a very long year indeed, but the time is coming for the old to pass and the new to spring up in its place!

It's no secret that 2021 is only a few short months away, and with this changing of years come brilliant changes in home decor, design, and color. One of the most popular room trends for this year include the humble custom closet, acting as the forerunner for household storage, organization, and clothing displays.

Updating your closet to match the latest trends is simple, fun, and shockingly affordable for every budget. Check out some of the most en vogue closet trends for 2021 below.

Colors And Color Palettes

Warmer colors, interesting materials, and faintly retro echos are the hottest things going in 2021 closet trends. Subdued and less forceful pastels of pale pink or pistachio provide a space that let your cabinets really shine. Deep yellows and bright blues that 'pop' against an accent wall are also particularly favored. Ochre pallets are back in!

Natural elements such as leather, wood, and stone are becoming increasingly popular in the modern custom closet. Terracotta-brown surfaces and accent furniture look great in any walk-in environment!

If you are looking to update your storage with 2021 closet trends, your best bet will be to invest in warm colors, organic materials, and rich textures.

Lighting or Light Fixtures

In the case of custom closets, 2021 trends are pointing towards bright, cool lighting fixtures hung about the room.

  • Hanging bulbs and gallery lights are once again returning to popularity.
  • Cool, LED lights are taking the place of yellow bulbs.
  • Large windows take prevalence over lighting when possible.

Try to install cooler bulbs, large windows, and gallery lighting options. Look for ways to brighten up!

Accessories, Cabinets, And More

Storage and organizational accessories are trending towards multi-functionality and simplicity. In fact, accessories that serve more than one purpose ultimately save space, money, and time in many ways. Artful furniture and accessories, such as built-in islands, cabinets, and drawers, will provide the perfect balance between eye-catching form and necessary function. 

Open-faced cabinets are very trendy, and allow visitors to view storage in a positive light. This is great for closets that serve duel purposes, or store important decor items.

Invest in new built-ins, dynamic storage, or other accessories that boost organizational capabilities.

Ready To Launch Into 2021? Get Help With LCC

No matter which innovative 2021 trends you want for your custom closets, the helpful and professional team at Louisiana Custom Closets would love to help design and execute your unique dreams. With an on-site manufacturing facility and highly trained design professionals, our crew will be able to design, deliver, and install your latest custom closet updates in just a few short weeks.

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