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9 Features of Home Closet Systems in Baton Rouge

Posted: Jun 18, 2013
Categories: Custom Closets
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Many people here in Greater Baton Rouge appreciate the convenience of a custom closet for a variety of reasons. Some appreciate the beauty of handcrafted hardwood shelves, cabinets and drawers.  Others just like having the personalized space for organization. But the biggest reason for having a custom closet installed is the convenience of having a specific place for everything that combines with the efficient and effective use of space.

Louisiana Custom Closets knows that having an organized closet with item specific storage makes getting ready so much easier.  And having this organization takes the stress out of cleaning too!  In Baton Rouge, our custom closet systems are a beautiful and accommodating addition to any home environment.

These custom closet systems don’t have to be restricted to just clothing storage either. Louisiana Custom Closets can design attractive and functional systems for pantries, laundry rooms and virtually any other room in the house where organization is a must!

Here are nine features of our customized closet systems:

  • Handmade Shelves, Drawers and Cabinets.  Our master craftsmen can build beautiful shelving, drawer and cabinet systems to fit any specifications.  Chose the wood type, stain color and configuration, and we’ll do the rest!
  • Shoe Racks.  Every pair of shoes, from cross trainers to work boots, will have a place to call home.
  • Sunglass Racks.  Keep shades out of the drawer and looking good on a personalized handmade rack.  These can be made to rotate for additional ease of use!
  • Double Hanging Systems.  Maximize available spaces by having two (or even three!) tiers of hanging storage!
  • Tie Hangers.  Simplify the tedious chore of finding the right tie for every occasion!
  • Jewelry Cases.  Custom jewelry cases will keep valuables protected, safe and looking good.  These can be made with glass lids and LED lighting systems, in the style of a display case.
  • Dress and Suit Hanging.  Long hanging storage for dresses and suits is essential for keeping your nicest apparel wrinkle free!
  • Islands.  Islands can make folding and sorting much simpler in a closet.  Also, a hamper or basket can slide under an island to keep dirty clothes out of the way.
  • Wire Storage.  For pantries and laundry rooms, these highly functional shelves make order and organization a breeze!

Closet systems are the pinnacle of efficient storage.  Don’t fill a storage space with plastic bins and shoddy shelving!  Call Louisiana Custom Closets today for an assessment of any space, and start getting organized!