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7 Spaces Where Wire Shelving Makes Storage Easy!

Posted: Sep 30, 2013
Categories: Wire Shelving
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Though our specialty here at Louisiana Custom Closets is handmade, custom hardwood storage built by professional craftsmen with the highest quality local materials, there are a few other products that we do well too!  When it comes to creating adequate storage for homes and businesses, hard wood shelves and cabinetry are not always the most affordable option.  With cost effective functionality,  wire shelves can perform the same duty as wood at a lesser price.  And wire shelving can be used in a wide variety of applications throughout a home, business or office setting.

In a home, wire shelving is ideal for:

  • The pantry:  Wire shelving is strong and durable, yet affordable and easy to configure.  It makes great use of small spaces and works well in a kitchen for food, spice or condiment storage.
  • The hall closet:  Another example of a small storage area where utilization of space is crucial is hall closets.  Wire shelves provide optimal storage in these tight quarters.
  • The laundry room: The durability of wire shelving is ideal for storing heavy linens like towels and sheets, as well as large bottles of detergent or anything else that needs to be kept near the washer and dryer.
  • Affordable clothing storage: Custom hardwood closets are luxurious, but not always the most economical option for clothing storage.  Wire shelving has many hanging options, and can be configured to create ideal storage for clothing; or simply combine wire shelving with hardwood partitions for a more upscale look!
  • Garage and utility spaces:  For easy storage of tools, odds and ends, or anything else, wire shelves are the perfect choice.

The above situations are great options in a residential setting, but wire shelves can be highly functional in the professional setting as well.  For an office or business, wire shelving is great for:

  • Product displays:  An affordable option for businesses to display any type of product.  Wire shelves work well in every environment.
  • Inventory storage:  For all businesses, wire shelves are great in storage rooms to keep things in order and within budget.

Louisiana Custom Closets can help design a wire shelving configuration to maximize storage in any space.  Call us today for more information!