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6 Ways Louisiana Custom Closets Solves Storage Issues

Posted: Feb 28, 2014
Categories: Custom Closets
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Time is everything these days. Is getting ready in the busy mornings and figuring out what to wear a daily chore?  Does the idea of figuring out what to wear and choosing an outfit from a cluttered closet wardrobe seem exhausting?  Spring is the perfect time to update and improve that closet storage!  Here at Louisiana Custom Closets we strive to bring joy and efficiency back into getting dressed and out the door.

By designing, sourcing materials and building locally right here in Louisiana, we are able to control the highest level of quality and professionalism that goes into installing a custom closet.  Unlike closet systems that can be purchased at “big box” home furnishing stores, Louisiana Custom Closets actually sends out our crew of experts to make sure these closet systems are assembled properly and installed to last.

Here are six of ways to manage space with a quality custom closet:

  • CabinetsMost people may not consider this as an option, but custom cabinets add a subtle touch of sophistication to any closet.  Cabinets can be wonderful for folded clothing storage, and whites and other less essential items can avoid being on display.
  • Long hanging storage.  For items that need more room, long hang storage can be a very useful aspect of a quality closet system configuration.  Dresses, gowns, suits, and sports coats will hang up off the ground!
  • Drawers.  Another luxurious accent to any custom closet is invaluable drawer space.  Think of it as incorporating the convenience and elegance of the classic dresser into a beautiful hand crafted closet system.
  • Islands.  These can be a highly welcomed addition to every expansive closet space. When there is room, islands create a convenient folding and access surface, or a place to lay out pieces while planning an outfit.
  • Custom accessory racks, boxes or hangers.  Our builders can custom design storage specific to any collection of accessories!  Add a rack for sunglasses, a jewelry or watch box that matches the system, or even a tie hanger that brings both convenience and consistency to the closet.
  • Double hanging.  For higher ceilings, double hanging is a great feature.  It can really maximize the potential and space of a room by having a double tiered hanging wall.

When making the decision to update wardrobe, home, and quality of life, place a custom closet by Louisiana Custom Closets at the top on the list of improvements that will have a direct effect on day to day life.  Call us today to get an absolutely free appraisal of your closet spaces, and we will have the storage challenges customized and ready for whatever comes next!