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6 Options to Customize Your Personal Space!

Posted: Mar 15, 2013
Categories: Custom Closets
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If you’re living here in Southern Louisiana or in nearby Mississippi and are looking for customized storage solutions, there is no better customer service driven company than Louisiana Custom Closets to handle the job!

From floor mounted designs that really give closets that “built in” feel, to wall mounted storage that makes cleaning simple, our designs are the most cost effective way to store and more in this still growing economy. Louisiana Custom Closets can find the right design and application for any budget!  We’ll be sure to utilize all available access and storage spaces, and give you as many organizational options as the room or space will allow.

Having all of your family’s clothing and accessories neatly organized in every room where you can see them in neat order just makes sense. We can provide places for any and all of your accessories in your new closet space.

6 Options to Customize Personal Space

  • Jewelry:  This is an item that many homeowners don’t think to keep in the closet.  With a customized space, you can have a special spot for jewelry so you can keep every option in mind when planning your evening out.
  • Sunglasses: Small cubbies or partitioned drawers can keep all of your shades in order so you can compare them side by side and find the right ones easily.
  • Shoes: Everyone has an array of shoes, and keeping them organized and off the floor is always necessary when picking out the ones you need!
  • Socks: Sock storage doesn’t have to be an ominous and frustrating drawer. You can keep your socks in order and find the appropriate pair, without a single one missing in no time!
  • Rotating Mechanisms: We can create a mechanized rotating stand for all of your accessories to help save storage space and add extra flexibility to your closet areas.
  • LED Lighting: This is now a very affordable earth friendly way to take your closet from beautiful to vibrant!

Our customer service philosophy has always been very simple. Louisiana Custom Closets does go above and beyond expectations by using the best materials and workmanship available, and we continue to do it at a very competitive price.  By sticking to these core principles we can provide our customers with a “Superior Total Experience.”

It is our mission. Our designs and fabrications are local and our focus is always on you.

Finally, check out Owner Don Wise as he describes what closet space can do for you in a recent interview for Inside Northside Magazine.