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5 Ways To Transform Reach-Ins Into Custom Closets

5 Ways To Transform Reach-Ins Into Custom Closets
Posted: May 6, 2021
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Custom closets are spaces that should be beautiful, functional, and impeccably organized. They should be designed to fit only one set of needs: yours. Most importantly, they don't need to be larger than just a few feet.

Although walk-in closets are rapidly becoming the most popular type of storage space in the modern home, it doesn't mean it will be the right fit for you. For millions of Americans, the simple design of the reach-in closet is all that's really necessary. Unlike the walk-in, a reach-in closet is designed to store items in a way that can be quickly accessed. These closets are often found in mudrooms, living rooms, hallways, and spare bedrooms. You might be surprised just how much you can fit into a well-organized reach-in!

But not everyone's reach-in closet system is the useful space they wish it could be. This summer, transform your reach-ins into custom closet designs that bring your storage dreams to life!

Methods Of Reach-In Closet Transformations

The five design tips listed below can help homeowners transform their stock reach-in closet spaces into beautiful custom closets built to last.

1. Adjustability Is Everything

Your reach-in closet space is a reflection of your growing family, needs, and milestones. As time goes on, your wardrobe will begin to change and meet exactly where you're at. From baby toys and cherished keepsakes to golf clubs for retirement, reach-in closets need to adjust frequently over the years. Look to invest in drawers, racks, and other unfixed structures. Leave room to move around any reach-in structures as your family grows and changes.

2. Use Those Corners

Sometimes referred to as the 'coffin corner,' the left and right of your reach-in closet could be costing several feet of storage space. Instead of letting corners sit, look for ways to incorporate additional storage for those hard-to-reach spaces. Corner shelving is a great addition to consider, especially in tighter reach-in closets. Cubbies, cubes, and shoe racks may also be a good option.

3. Mounted Storage Options

If the corners of your closet are going to be used, consider fully utilizing your floor space as well! Mounted storage drawers, cubbies, and cabinets provide a classy yet space-saving method of organization that is sure to be useful for everyone.

4. Dressers And Drawers

Hanging your clothes from racks is a great place to start, but dressers, baskets, and drawers are also excellent alternatives for reach-in custom closet designs. These pull-out storage options can be tucked away into a larger system, and provide additional spaces for hanging and mounting. What's more, you can quickly and easily find what you're looking for without turning the closet inside out.

5. Lower The Shelving Height

Drop those high or unreachable shelves so that they can store more effectively. Utilize all of your vertical reach-in closet space!

How Louisiana Custom Closet Turns Closet Design Into Reality

Navigating the custom reach-in closet world can be intimidating at best. With so many design elements to choose from, it can be difficult to determine the best possible options for you. That's why the team at Louisiana Custom Closet is dedicated to helping design, manufacture, and install a custom closet system just for you.