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5 Ways To Theme Your Baton Rouge Custom Closet

5 Ways To Theme Your Baton Rouge Custom Closet
Posted: Apr 6, 2021
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Louisiana Custom Closet Gives Key Closet Decorating Advice

When we think about the closets in our homes, our minds wander towards organization, utility, and ease of access. This is less than exciting, although not necessarily uncommon. We tend to look for functionality rather than beauty in our storage areas, especially those with everyday use.

However, closets don't have to be just one or the other. In fact, the best part of owning a custom closet has to do with theming and decorating your personal space.

Unlike regular closets, custom closet spaces have the advantage of being all yours. Show off your style with these five ways to theme a Baton Rouge custom closet space.

Bringing Out Your Interior Custom Closet Designer — 5 Neat Tricks

Put some flair in your organizational space with these 5 unique theming options.

1. Theme For The Seasons

Every holiday deserves a little something extra. Use the holidays to emphasize:

  • Clothing colors (green for St. Patrick's Day, etc).

  • Special items such as wreaths.

  • Flowers and plants.

2. Theming With Color

Carry the theme of your home into the closet by:

  • Painting accent walls.

  • Choosing neutral drawer and cabinet colors that make your clothing pop.

  • Selecting a custom closet lighting scheme that shows off your paint choices.

3. Theming With Items

Fall in love with your valuables all over again by giving them a front-row seat. Place keepsakes and trinkets in key parts of the closet, making sure that they are angled to catch the light.

4. Themes With Value

What elements of your life are most important to you? Family? Pets? Certain colors? Put your values on display by creating a custom closet setup centered around what matters most. Use picture frames, posters, and hanging racks to show off the people, places, and things you care about.

5. Theming For Location

People who live in the Baton Rouge area know that this city has a style all of its own. Seaside color palettes, Creole flair, and Cajun music all combine to create an eclectic combination of culture, art, and style.

Theme your custom closet space with your location in mind by:

  • Opting for bright, warm, joyful colors like yellow, blue, and pink.

  • Adding sea-themed items or elements. Think seashells, ocean paintings, and specialized wall decals.

  • Show off any of your clothing that fits the Baton Rouge style.

How Louisiana Custom Closet Establishes Your Theme With Custom Builds

The first step toward theming your storage space begins with designing, building, and manufacturing a custom closet that is uniquely yours. Backed by personalized accessories, drawers, and storage racks, bring your theme to life with an ideal closet space you need for your family.