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5 Smart Strategies for a Safe and Organized Home

Posted: May 25, 2017
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Homes across Louisiana can often become collection centers. Moving from one home to another often proves it. Homeowners have stuff. Boxes of clothes, valuables, supplies, important papers, and a variety of other items stacked in an array of places can at times become safety hazards.

Louisiana Custom Closets can help all homeowners across Louisiana and Mississippi declutter and organize their homes, and create safety where it is needed. There are numerous ways a disorganized home can be a safety hazard. Boxes piled too high can topple over, injuring someone. Tripping over wires and cables can cause injuries. Boxes full of papers placed in front of heat registers, furnaces, and hot water tanks can overheat and possibly cause a fire. Toxic or even poisonous products can be stored in containers or be out in the open where a child or pet can get into them. Not only does clutter lessen efficiency, it can create safety issues.

Louisiana Custom Closets offers five strategies to minimize clutter and maximize safe environments:

  • Divide and conquer: The initial process includes going through everything and decide what is not needed and what should be discarded. Dividing up the clutter into two piles makes the job much easier, one for items to keep, and one for items to discard.

  • Time to organize: Once the discarded items are gone, it might still be discouraging to look around and see clutter and disorganization. It is important to keep going with organization.

  • Clothes storage: Louisiana Custom Closets has great storage solutions for all situations and for all rooms in the home. For example, clothes can take up a lot of room. Our designers can come to the home and create beautiful and functional closet spaces that will solve an array of storage problems. We offer numerous closet options including wall or floor mounts, double hanging for twice the space, shoe storage, and drawers.

  • Office storage solutions: Offices can get disorganized quickly over time. Emptying boxes and filling them properly is simple with our custom file storage and organizational solutions. Store and organize needed papers in drawers custom made to size (legal or letter) by Louisiana Custom Closets.

  • Storing chemicals: Toxic chemicals are the main safety hazards in our homes. In the garage and in the laundry room, there are chemicals that could be very dangerous for kids and pets to get into. Our team offers a variety of shelving that allows the storage of dangerous chemicals.

As we head toward summer, it is the perfect time get rid of the clutter. With the help and expertise of our designers at Louisiana Custom Closets, every home can soon be organized and safe. We can work with homeowners in NOLA, Southern Louisiana, and Southern Mississippi to design and install beautiful and efficient closets and storage areas. Begin being clutter-free with one important phone call.

Call us today (985) 871-0810 for a free in-home estimate and or visit our online photo gallery for more custom closet and storage solution ideas.