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5 Smart Reasons to Organize the Kitchen Pantry This Spring

Posted: Mar 8, 2017
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Spring has made a permanent visit across NOLA and Southern Louisiana, and summer can’t be far away. And with the beautiful warm weather, there are upcoming summer get-togethers, outdoor grilling, and parties with family and friends. Whether grilling outdoors or cooking inside, having a well-organized pantry makes cooking and socializing much more enjoyable and efficient.

The kitchen is “fun central” for entertaining; yet our traditional pantries are often disorganized with an array of old and outdated items filling much of the shelves. Most homeowners look inside the door, move things around, and try to find the items needed for a spring and summer meal or get together. Many times, what is needed is no longer there, and when found, it is beyond the use date. We all might even take pantry contents over to the kitchen table or counter as we look for what we thought we needed, placing everything all back again. New ways to organize are critical. It is spring! It is time to reclaim the pantry!

Louisiana Custom Closets has the five perfect reasons to find solutions to organize and customize the kitchen pantry:

  • Less frustration: There is nothing more frustrating than looking in the pantry and discovering what is needed is no longer there. An organized pantry with corner shelves, hook racks, chrome baskets, drawers, and high-storage shelving can take frustration right out of the kitchen.
  • Enjoyable cooking: While preparing the food to go outside on the grill or to be cooked indoors, having everything within reach and easily found can make the day much more enjoyable.
  • Less duplication: When the pantry is unorganized and overflowing with food and other items, it can cause us to shop for items already in the house. When we can look in an orderly pantry and clearly see the inventory, shopping is much easier.
  • Better food management and turnover: An organized pantry creates easy food rotation. No more looking in the back of the kitchen pantry and finding food items that are months beyond the fresh date.
  • Increased home value: Realtors always say that the kitchen is the first room in a home that buyers will remember. If selling is in the future, a well-organized and beautiful pantry can really add value to the kitchen and the home.

It is simple and easy to accomplish these five smart ways to organize the kitchen pantry. Louisiana Custom Closets can organize and customize any pantry with beautiful corner shelves, wine and spice racks, hook racks for aprons and brooms, high shelving and storage for pans and platters.

For all homeowners in the NOLA, Southern Louisiana, and Mississippi areas, give us a call at (985) 871-0810 and let us organize and customize the kitchen pantry. Customers can also look at all of our custom closets and other products at our photo gallery.