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5 Reasons You Have a Disorganized Garage

5 Reasons You Have a Disorganized Garage
Posted: Aug 24, 2023
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Struggling to remedy a cluttered garage? You may find yourself in good company. A whopping 50% of homeowners say the garage is the most disorganized part of their property, while 47% say they've encountered problems due to clutter in their space.

But a messy, cluttered, disorganized garage is not an impossible situation to fix. And now that you know what you're up against, you can strike at the source with effective actions and upgrades.

So what's causing your garage to feel cluttered or messy? And how can you remedy it without getting rid of all your stuff?

Let's take a closer look at five reasons (and solutions!) for struggling with a disorganized garage.

Why You Have A Disorganized Garage: 5 Reasons

Even garages with small or limited contents can feel cluttered or disorganized.

That's why understanding the root of the problem can help you make better decisions and come up with solutions.

Let's look at the causes of disorganized garages, including some suggested solutions you can use to remedy the problem today.

1. Too Much Stuff

Solution: Garage Sale

This is the quintessential cause of cluttered garage spaces.

If you can't see the floor (or walk on the floor), you probably have too much stuff in your garage.

To remedy this, consider:

  • Hosting a garage sale
  • Donated older goods
  • Consolidating duplicate items

2. Too Little Floor Space

You've sold what you can and donated (or removed) the items you can't. And yet, you can't seem to make your organization strategy last longer than a few days at a time.

In this situation, you may not have enough floor space around the perimeter of your garage. This is a great opportunity to install custom garage cabinets and invest in vertical storage to keep tools top of mind.

Solution: Custom Garage Shelving

3. You're Switching Seasonal Decor

Solution: Block Off A Weekend

Maybe the holidays are rolling back around, or perhaps the coming spring has you digging out the garden tools. Either way, seasonal switches only pose temporary clutter in the garage — and blocking off a weekend may be the best solution to get situated.

4. You Like To 'hoard'

Solution: Consider Rented Storage

Maybe you're not a hoarder per se, but you do find it difficult to get rid of older stuff.

That box of rusty tools in the corner? No way you can get rid of that!

Piles of scrap wood near the door? What if you need them one day?

If you just can't bring yourself to part with certain items, you should opt for additional storage outside the garage.

5. Your Space Is Too Small

Solution: Getting A Custom Garage

If you've followed the four steps listed above but still can't seem to find your stride, it's probably not you or your stuff that's the problem — it's simply the layout of your garage.

You may be happy to know this is an easy fix. With a professional team like Louisiana Custom Closets, you can secure a total garage renovation on-budget, on-time, and within your expectations.

Get Custom Garage Storage Shelving With Louisiana Custom Closets

You shouldn't feel forced to live with a garage that's messy, confusing, and hard to navigate. By implementing one or more of the steps above, you can recapture your space and do more with your area.

But some things are easier said than done, especially if your clutter is vast, expansive, or imposing. Feeling overwhelmed at just the thought of getting started? Louisiana Custom Closets can help.

LCC is Louisiana's favorite provider of custom storage areas and personalized garage spaces. Serving conscientious homeowners across the Gulf Coast, we offer timely installations to every individual we support. No need to feel overwhelmed by yourself — our pros can look at the garage on your behalf and suggest next steps for designing a custom space.

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