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5 Important Benefits of Wire Shelving

Posted: Dec 10, 2013
Categories: Wire Shelving
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For simple, economical and versatile storage solutions, wire shelving systems by Rubbermaid are one of the best options available for both home and office. For any type of storage, wire shelves provide a level of organization that is unrivaled for the cost and simplicity of use.  Closets, laundry rooms, pantries, garages, even craft rooms or children’s rooms can benefit from the functionality of a wire shelving system.

Many people may believe that wood cabinets, drawers, partitions and rods are the only solution when designing a storage space.  Here at Louisiana Custom Closets in Southeastern Louisiana, we strive to provide quality service and produce quality results with every project we undertake.  We assist clients in designing custom hardwood closets and office storage spaces that are sure to impress.

Cost effective wire shelves, though not as elegant as hardwood, have five principal benefits:

  • Versatility:  Wire shelves come in every form and provide every function.  Shelves with sliding hanging rods make for easy storage of clothing.  Multiple tiers of shelf/hanger combinations make excellent use of closet space!
  • Reconfiguration:  As people get familiar with their new storage system, it may become apparent that adjustments must be made for optimal functionality. Whatever the reason, wire shelving systems are infinitely easier to reconfigure than hardwood systems which are custom built and installed for permanency.
  • Maintenance free:  Hardwood can sometimes get scuffed or dented, need occasional sanding and staining, or in extreme cases even repair.  With wire shelves, maintenance is never an issue.
  • Environment and element proof: Wooden shelving system can change based on the Louisiana humidity and moisture is sometimes a factor in making adjustments. Wire shelves retain their integrity for years to come.
  • Affordability: At just a fraction of the cost of wood shelving, but still with all the function, it is hard to find disadvantages to a wire shelf system.

Louisiana Custom Closets has been a premier installer of Rubbermaid wire shelving for ten years here in Southern Louisiana.  For any questions, or to begin designing shelving systems that meet the needs and wants of any room, contact us today. We proudly serve customers from Louisiana NorthshoreGreater New OrleansBaton RougeMississippi Gulf Coast, Florida Panhandle, Alabama Gulf Coast, and nearby areas.

We wish all of our friends and clients the happiest of holiday seasons and Merry Christmas!