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5 Important Benefits for New Storage Options with Louisiana Custom Closets

Posted: Oct 27, 2016
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Louisiana homeowners who are seeking to add and renovate storage space for the Holiday Season, need our local professional experts who can make the process of organizing the home a stress-free one.  Louisiana Custom Closets makes this a reality every day for clients across NOLA with effective and organized closet and storage makeovers.

Every homeowner considering storage transformation should know the five most important benefits of working with Louisiana Custom Closets:

  • Our courteous, knowledgeable and friendly staff: Louisiana Custom Closets understands that undergoing a renovation can feel a little invasive and at times even inconvenient. Our philosophy is to “make the process as pain-free as possible for our customers.” Our team abides by the guideline that all who are working on a home renovation treat it with care and courtesy: “everyone on our team – from design leads to installers – treats your home as they would their own.”
  • Always free consultation:  At no cost to the customer, the consultation provides customers with storage solution ideas that are easy to visualize. During the consultation, our expert designers will use the latest technology (CAD Drawings) to help homeowners envision their renovated storage and custom closet spaces.
  • An entire menu of customized storage: Louisiana Custom Closets has organized many different homes; even homes with similar layouts require fresh insight to meet varying needs. Customized closet and storage solutions allow organizational opportunity. Our experienced design experts know how to work with every space, nook and cranny to maximize the storage needed. We know that everything we design and install must be based on individual wardrobes, routines and styles.
  • Respecting customers’ time: Life is busy; Louisiana Custom Closets knows this, and our team works with the highest standards of respect for our client’s time. To help ensure that every installation is completed without unexpected delays, the process always begins on time as planned. Many of our installations take just one day.  
  • Respecting customers’ space: In addition to valuing time, Louisiana Custom Closets values the property of its customers. Proper precautions are always taken to ensure that the closet system and storage project is complete and the cleanup is done to complete satisfaction. We want our homeowners to enjoy professional installation that is done right the first time.

As the Holiday Season approaches we offer a wide array of organizational possibilities for every home and business in and across Southern Louisiana and Mississippi.  Give our local staff at Louisiana Custom Closets a call today to get started, and enjoy a closet upgrade that is budget friendly and helps maximize every room. It is the perfect time of year to complete a project that boosts both functionality and style!

Happy Halloween everyone!