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5 Custom Laundry Room Cabinets for Busy Southern Families

5 Custom Laundry Room Cabinets for Busy Southern Families
Posted: May 14, 2023
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Walking into your laundry room should give you a sense of peace, not terror. But if your busy itinerary prevents you from organizing your existing space, you're more likely to feel stressed than serene.

Thankfully, even the busiest homeowners can get a handle on their laundry space. And if you're looking for an easy way to score a quick win, custom laundry room cabinets may be just what you need.

Let's look at some of the best custom laundry room shelves for busy Southern families, including some suggestions for upgrading your space.

1. Simple Open Shelving

Open shelving helps you see what you have on hand. It also encourages minimalism by preventing you from acquiring items you don't need.

You can install open shelving as-is to hold glass jars and storage containers. Alternatively, you could apply adhesive paper to create a “wallpaper design” for your shelves.

2. Closed Upper Storage

Open shelving not your style? You can also opt for closed cabinet spaces. These allow you to store less attractive containers out of sight and out of mind.

Don’t forget to install some extra racks nearby for an extra versatility kick. You can easily fold and re-hang items without walking halfway across the house.

3. Open And Closed Storage

Consider open and closed storage systems if you want the best of both worlds. There are several ways to integrate this:

  • Cover your open shelving spaces with retractable curtains.
  • Use baskets or other receptacles to hide undesirable items on open shelves.
  • Create a countertop above your washer and dryer to accommodate more storage.

4. Barn Door Storage

Sliding barn doors have become one of the most popular additions to the modern laundry room—and for good reason! Not only can they help you save time and money. They also bring a touch of refinement to an otherwise utilitarian space.

Consider installing a barn door cover for open shelving so you can hide or reveal items as necessary. You can also create a “laundry room pantry” of sorts to store sensitive products away from little hands.

5. Repurpose Your Space

If your laundry room doesn't offer enough space to install the shelving of your dreams, consider revamping a pre-existing space. Reach-in closets near your existing laundry room could provide the perfect storage space for towels, detergent, or more. Conversely, you could always turn an unused room or walk-in closet into a beautifully organized space.

Making The Magic Happen With Louisiana Custom Closets

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