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4 Ways Louisiana Custom Closets Helps with Laundry Room Renovation

Posted: Aug 15, 2016
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Have you ever washed clean clothes twice because they ended up back in the dirty pile? Has doing laundry become even more than a chore? The disorganization and clutter of the typical household laundry area can be transformed by our professionals into a space of cleanliness, productivity, and abundant storage. Louisiana Custom Closets is familiar with the challenges of laundry room storage and organization. We offer an array of excellent solutions that help Louisiana homeowners make the most of their laundry areas.

Louisiana Custom Closets offers four ways that help turn a messy, disorganized laundry area into an optimized, organized room that is pleasant to walk into any time of day:

  • Fold clothes more easily with countertops: Once clothes are clean, avoid throwing them back into a clothes hamper to transfer them elsewhere for folding. Experts at Louisiana Custom Closets can customize countertops to create effective spaces and places to sort and fold laundry.
  • Customized storage solutions: There are many excellent products on store shelves today that help eliminate laundry stains, odors, germs, and create and renew vibrant colors. These laundry products can be stowed away neatly and safely and away from young children. Louisiana Custom Closets can help create storage for a wide variety of items, preventing both spillage and disorganization.
  • Make ironing fun: Louisiana Custom Closets can work with homeowners to decide the best use for the space including the common task of ironing. A unique storage area can be designed for an ironing board; or a foldout ironing board can be designed in to create attractive and more efficient space.  
  • Hanging space: It’s helpful to have a place to hang damp clothes to dry or arrange a variety of items to iron.  Rather than laying them on a surface where they may slip off onto the floor, these clothing items can be stored neatly in one place. This new space allows ironing to be more efficient. All the delicate materials that require air drying now have a place as well. The team of Louisiana Custom Closets wants the laundry room to be functional and effective, and we have a variety of designs that please the busy household.  

Revolutionize the way laundry is done with the guidance of the professionals at Louisiana Custom Closets. From countertops to cabinets, make the most of every space. As always, call today to get a free in-home estimate, and discover the potential that a brand new organized laundry room area can offer.