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4 Spring Cleaning Answers to Home Organization

Posted: Feb 18, 2015
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It won't be long now before spring 2015 makes its debut in Southern Louisiana and Mississippi. With that in mind, it's time to think about which rooms in our homes and offices need spring cleaning and a makeover the most. Storage and organization make the biggest difference with change, and they also makes our lives easier; for that reason,  Louisiana Custom Closets is prepared to help get the needs of homeowners and business owners taken care of as we head to warmer weather.

Louisiana Custom Closets will organize any room in the office or home to make it easier to find the things everyone needs and uses. Whether it's the garage, closet, laundry room, pantry, office, kid's playroom, workshop area, or office storage; Louisiana Custom Closets has numerous solutions to fit every need. And best of all, the professional design team from Louisiana Custom Closets will visit your home or business environment for a free consultation.

Here are four storage solutions that Louisiana Custom Closets recommends:

  • Double hanging solutions:  By installing a double hanging configuration, more clothes space will be easily added to any closet.
  • Wall mounts: This setup will enhance the looks of any room such as a kid's playroom, office or garage. Wall mounts will get items off the floor and into a selected area for storage.
  • Islands:  Adding an island to a closet, kitchen, or work area will give added cabinet space and an additional countertop. An island adds much needed workspace in any room.
  • Wooden cabinets:  This is a great way to enhance looks while storing items that are not in use behind closed doors. Cabinets are a great complement to closets, kid's playrooms, bathrooms, offices, libraries, and laundry rooms. There really isn't any room that doesn't look great with a wooden cabinet.

As the time gets closer to tackle that spring cleaning project or that major storage reorganization as warm weather begins, give the professionals at Louisiana Custom Closets a call for a free consultation. Louisiana Custom Closets will make your spring cleaning projects less of a chore and more of a desired outcome as your living and work spaces become clutter free and more organized for both efficiency and opportunity.

Call us today and get more organization into whatever you do!