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4 Smart Ways to Organize from Louisiana Custom Closets

Posted: Mar 8, 2018
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Disorganization affects everyone and everything. A favorite shirt goes missing. A meeting is missed, and of course the one needed ingredient for tonight’s dinner goes missing. It never fails. We have all been there. It can be very frustrating, always looking for items and adjusting schedules. It is usually the most challenging in the house, where disorganization can often be prevalent.

The laundry room is most often the location with the biggest inefficiency. Laundry rooms are often the smallest areas in the southern home, which can be a problem within itself. Many times, missing clothes end up piled on the floor or in baskets. Insufficient space can be a challenge.

Louisiana Custom Closets can help all homeowners in NOLA and southern Louisiana resolve the problem of a disorganized laundry room and lost clothing.

Louisiana Custom Closets offers four smart ways to organize the laundry area:

  • Sufficient countertops: Having a laundry room countertop is a great way to make the area more organized. When the laundry room is overcrowded, dried clothes might be sorted and organized in another room. Our expert designers can create custom counters for any size laundry room; perfect for clothes to be placed, sorted and folded in a quick and efficient manner.
  • Places for hanging clothes: Placing the clean clothes on top of the dryer or washer can cause them to slip off onto the floor. Having a place to hang damp and dry clothes for ironing makes doing the laundry simple and organized.
  • Areas for ironing: Our professional team can designunique storage areas for an ironing board, or a foldout ironing board designed to be both attractive and functional.
  • Effective storage solutions: The laundry room is not only a space for clothing and laundry; it also a storage area for laundry supplies. Often, we store laundry soap, bleach, and stain removal products in a number of places, where everything can be stored within reach of the washer and dryer. Louisiana Custom Closets can create a variety of customized storage space for these items, preventing both spillage and disorganization, keeping these products safely away from children and pets.

From cabinets to countertops to ironing board storage, Louisiana Custom Closets professionals can make the most of the available space in the laundry room and make doing the laundry much simpler and efficient.

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