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4 Seasonal Strategies to Free the Garage Up This Winter

Posted: Nov 22, 2017
Categories: Garage Storage
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The upcoming Holiday Season is the busiest time of the year for every homeowner in Louisiana and Mississippi to get the yard and home organized. Late November and December are clean up weeks to get ready for all of our holiday visitors, and store away all the warm weather items for the Spring.

For many, the best place for seasonal storage is the garage. Yet finding room there is not always easy. With all of the summer supplies and tools headed for storage, it does not take long before we all run out of room. There is no need to throw the BBQ and yard tools in the corner or against the wall; Louisiana Custom Closets can help organize the garage for clutter free storage.

Our team offers four seasonal strategies to help organize the garage for holiday cleanup:

  • The common final frontier: The garage is often overlooked, as in the final frontier. And for many homeowners, the garage is the most important storage area of the home. It can end up being the place where everything without a category is stored. An array of garden tools, shovels, rakes and tools are all part of the outdoor storage picture. The simple addition of custom closets from our team of professionals can really help with this category of storing.
  • Custom storage designs: Standing in front of a stacked garage can seem daunting. We all look in and think how can it get organized? Our local designers from Louisiana Custom Closets can design a beautiful and efficient storage makeover for every homeowner. We offer all types of storage solutions to fit both budget and space.
  • An array of custom cabinet ideas: Our garage cabinets are built to be stronger than ordinary cabinets because of design. All homeowners can store everything in the custom designed cabinets, which includes places for pesticides, sharp tools and poisons.
  • FastTrack systems: Since we do not many basements southern Louisiana or Mississippi and the attics are very hot many months of the year, outdoor storage is ideal for extra gear, tools, and clothing. Our FastTrack systems are custom designed to store everything off the floor. This ensures that water and dirt are not part of the clutter-free equation.

Simplify holiday and winter storage with our unique storage solutions. Louisiana Custom Closets will come to any home in the region for a free in-home estimate.

Call Louisiana Custom Closets today at (985) 871-0810 for an appointment today. Customers can also take a look at our photo gallery for custom closet and storage ideas.