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4 Playroom Storage Solutions from Louisiana Custom Closets

Posted: Apr 8, 2015
Categories: Closet Systems
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One room in the house that gets a lot of attention, action and activity is always the kids’ playroom. Often called the multi-purpose room, it usually has the clutter and overabundance of toys, games, educational items, dolls and Legos that are stored, or worse; piled up out in the open. Louisiana Custom Closets can help get the most popular room in the house organized and looking neat and attractive when unexpected visitors stop by or the kids hang out and play.

After all the holidays, sleepovers and birthdays, the children’s playroom usually looks like an array of post activity and misadventure. As grandparents, moms, and dads purchase lots of toys for the children’s enjoyment, the house usually looks like Santa’s workshop on any given day. All of this can be easily remedied by a visit from the professionals at Louisiana Custom Closets who can visualize numerous ideas for toy storage solutions.

Imagine these four ideas in the playroom that can help alleviate storage issues and help create more useful spaces:

  • Those odd bump outs in the room and the corners can easily turn into more storage space with built-in shelving. Books, stuffed toys, small items, and collectibles will find the perfect home with this type of storage opportunity.
  • A free-standing bench with pull-out drawers or cabinets will pass nicely for a seat under any window. The pull-out drawers and cabinets will keep games and other toys stored out of sight. Add thick cushions to the top of the window seat and children now have a favorite quiet spot to read a book or relax.
  • By adding an island in the room, children can have ample desk space to color, paint, or do a puzzle. The island can have drawers or cabinets underneath to create more storage space for all those fun gifts and games.
  • Corner cubbies add a touch of elegance to a multi-purpose toy room. These free standing cubbies can be painted white or a bright color to hold wicker baskets filled with play items.

Our playroom solutions and more are offered by Louisiana Custom Closets. We serve Southern Louisiana and Mississippi as well. Just call any one of our three convenient locations listed below and an experienced custom designer will come directly to the house for a free in-home consultation.

Remember, Louisiana Custom Closets and storage solutions go hand-in-hand.