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4 Important Strategies to Organize Christmas Decorations

Posted: Dec 9, 2015
Categories: Custom Closets
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Just like the song says, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” Christmas is the most popular season for people to decorate, not only the interior but exterior of their home.  People spend hours if not days stringing lights, hanging ornaments and wreaths, setting up Christmas villages and nativity scenes. Here is even a television show about “over the top” decorations.

In January, when the holiday season ends, all those beautiful decorations have to be packed up and stored until the next Christmas. Louisiana Custom Closets would love to help area homeowners with efficiently storing and organizing seasonal décor to make the process of decorating for the holidays faster and more organized. The easier it is to set up and break down decorations, the more time can be spent celebrating with family and friends this Christmas Season!

Louisiana Custom Closets suggests four easy tips to organize holiday decorations in the home and garage:

  • Designate a separate holiday storage location for interior decorations and exterior decorations: Designate a closet that is not used often to store all seasonal décor used inside the home such as tree ornaments, Christmas villages, artificial trees, interior lights, wrapping paper and etc.  Exterior decorations should be stored in the garage for easy access to the yard. Louisiana Custom Closets has unique Garage Storage Systems and Cabinets to keep storage container and irregular shaped items off the floor.
  • Clean exterior decorations: Exterior decorations should be clean and dry before they are stored away.  This will keep the items in good repair.
  • Discard broken decorations: As items are packed away they should be carefully checked for cracks and chips.  Lights with missing or burnt out bulbs should be replaced or discarded.
  • Store like items together: Christmas ornaments, wreaths and garland etc. should be stored together.  Using clear storage bins makes it easy to identify what is inside each container. Adding labels to the outside of each storage containers provides even more organization.

Many families pass down decorations, ornaments and wreathes as heirlooms, making them not only fragile but filled with long term and historic sentimental value. Storing these holiday treasures efficiently can help them last for generations to come. Our professionals at Louisiana Custom Closets would love to assist Louisiana homeowners with finding the right solutions to your storage needs; simply contact us at the phone numbers below for more information.

This holiday season, enjoy a safe and wonderful time. Merry Christmas everyone!