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4 Important Areas To Reorganize in Louisiana Homes

Posted: Jun 24, 2015
Categories: Closet Systems
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Is your home feeling a little too small? Before calling a real estate agent and starting a round of new home shopping, consider all of the extra stuff in your home. It seems the longer we live in our homes, the more stuff we accumulate. Before we know it, rooms have shrunk and we need to find new storage solutions. The folks at Louisiana Custom Closets are quite familiar with this situation and can help with new and stylish storage solutions.

Louisiana Custom Closets has been in business for almost 20 years and has helped many Southern Louisiana and Mississippi homeowners reorganize rooms in their home. Don Wise, owner, takes pride in successfully making Louisiana homes more comfortable and functional. His business has grown to three locations in New Orleans, Covington, and Baton Rouge.

Here are four of the most common areas that need reorganization with storage solutions from Louisiana Custom Closets:

  • Laundry Room:  In most homes, this small area, usually near the back door or upstairs between bedrooms, gets a lot of use, yet it doesn’t get the shelving attention it needs. Louisiana Custom Closets can remodel this room to make it more functional by adding counter space, cabinets, a sink, and shelving. By adding functionality to this room, it’ll be more efficient and save time.
  • Play Room:  As families grow and children get older, the need for more toy storage space increases. By adding open bins, various sized cabinets, bookshelves, and a possible window seat, the play room can be kept organized by increasing the storage space right in the room.
  • Garage:  Most garages become a catch-all for anything and everything, and the walls get lined with stacked boxes, brooms and empty totes. By cleaning out the garage and adding wall mounts, outdoor shelving, workshop space, recycle bins, and peg boards, all the necessary items will have their own place and your garage will look great! The car will really appreciate being back inside again.
  • Closets: Our reputation over the years has been built through the quality of our closet organization! Clothes closets shouldn’t have items on the floor or draped over the door knob. By increasing the hanging and storage space in closets, it’ll be more efficient to find favorite items. An organized closet is a definite must-have in every home.

As we presented the above list, did an area of the house to mind that desperately needs to be reorganized? Louisiana Custom Closets would appreciate the opportunity to help home and condo owners with storage and organization projects in a cost-effective manner. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to make every home in Southeast Louisiana and Mississippi more functional to the needs and wants of every homeowner.