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4 Holiday Season Ideas for New Year’s Home Storage Resolutions

Posted: Dec 22, 2015
Categories: Custom Closets
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Louisiana Custom Closets organized closetsWhat are your New Year’s Resolutions? Most Louisiana homeowners make dozens of resolutions about their health, fitness, and relationships; yet here at Louisiana Custom Closets, we are making 2016 resolutions about keeping the home organized!

Louisiana parents usually have time off at the end of the year and start of the New Year; it is a great time to get the home organized! After the holidays, there will be a lot of cleaning up as the season ends, and there is the traditional storage of holiday decorations and all the new presents that were purchased. While finding locations to store all of these holiday items, January is a great time to organize the closets, garage, laundry room, and pantries.

While cleaning up the house from holiday decorations, start New Year’s Resolutions by organizing these areas of the home:

  • Find clothes that are no longer worn: Turn the hangers around in the closet. Every time a piece of clothing is worn, turn the hanger back around to the normal direction. Any items that have not been turned around in three months should be removed and donated to a favorite charity.
  • Clean all the unnecessary items out of every closet: Take a look at the laundry room, kid’s closet, master bedroom closet, bathroom cabinets, and kitchen shelves for items that aren’t being used anymore. Sort the items into giveaways and donate these items as well to local charities.
  • Install new shelving in all the closets and storage spaces: Old and misused closet organization systems can lead to disorganization. Throw away any shelving or organization containers that are broken or no longer function in the closet. Installing new, functional closet organization systems to keep the home organized will provide a lot of storage relief in the New Year.
  • Add extra storage to the garage area: If closets inside the house are getting crowded with household items, select items that are not temperature sensitive that can be moved outside and into the garage. Installing a garage shelving system that can store these items will allow for more room inside.

Is the Holiday Season the time for ideas on how to create more room in your Louisiana’s home? Contact our team today for a free consultation to get ideas on how to create more room inside the home!