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4 Helpful Ways to Declutter the Laundry and Utility Room from Louisiana Custom Closets

Posted: Sep 28, 2018
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The school year has begun in earnest, and there are plenty of school clothes to wash. About now, the laundry room seems even smaller than during the summer. Clothes everywhere need to be sorted, washed, dried and ironed. Bottles of laundry detergent and fabric softener clutter the area.

When the laundry room becomes a catch-all room for clothes piles, it is time to reassess the storage situation. Louisiana Custom Closets can reorganize this important room and make it easier to sort, wash and clean clothes. Laundry areas are sometimes underutilized and new storage ideas and solutions from our professionals can create much needed organization. Even if the laundry room is small, our team can come up with exciting storage ideas to make the area functional and effective.

The professionals at Louisiana Custom Closets offer four decluttering strategies in the laundry and utility room:

  • Unique storage solutions: Organizing and properly storing dry laundry soap, liquid laundry soap, bleaches and stain removers are important. Storing them off of the floor keeps them out of the reach of the kids and pets. Liquid laundry soaps can leave blue goop and a sticky mess everywhere. Our storage bins, custom cabinets, and shelving will make laundry items accessible whenever they are needed.
  • Hanging clothes: Taking clothes out of the washer or the dryer means having a clear space to hang clothes. It also will declutter the laundry room. Some clothes need to be hung up before ironing, and the area needs room for sorting and folding.
  • Ironing: Louisiana Custom Closets can also make ironing less of a chore with our custom storage area for the ironing board or a foldout ironing board.
  • Custom counter tops: Folding clothes can be done with simplicity using our custom counter tops. We can design and fit any size counter top, compartments or benches into any size laundry room that makes laundry duties stress free.

With an organized and efficient laundry or utility room from Louisiana Custom Closets, there will be no more disorganization. We can help all homeowners in Louisiana and southern Mississippi declutter the laundry room and make the chore of doing laundry simpler.

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