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3 Smart Strategies to Decrease Summer Clutter from Louisiana Custom Closets

Posted: Jun 23, 2017
Categories: Closet Systems
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Summer is here and the kids are already having fun. Whether the children live at home or are home for the summer, there are always more items to store with all the family around. A glance around the house will often be surprising. There are probably a lot of toys and clothes scattered around the house. Yet our experts know that if vacations are planned, an organized home means an organized and relaxed time away.

Louisiana Custom Closets can help all the homeowners in NOLA, Southern Louisiana and Mississippi declutter the entire home. Summer often adds to the clutter with swimsuits, towels, and wet clothes often hanging from chairs or lying in the bathroom. Kids are notorious hoarders and mess creators. It is a combination that signals organization at every level. Homes can be a mess this time of year. Where is the best place to store clutter?

Louisiana Custom Closets offers three smart strategies to store all the summer fun:

  • Increase garage storage: As we get home from summer fun, we might just dump stuff out of the car and go in the house. A good garage storage area can be invaluable in our homes to keep our summer toys out of the way. Utility is critical. Wall-mounted bins, cabinets, adjustable wire shelves, and hanging storage can make a difference. Not only is clutter out of the way, but a high-quality storage solution is great to quickly find what is needed for summer fun.

  • Organize the laundry room: A big question in many homes is where to put the wet, sandy and dirty clothes after a summer day at the beach, park, or just outdoors. Being able to quickly do laundry, dry and fold clothes is a great help in any home. Louisiana Custom Closets can design all types of storage and hanging areas for this important part of the home. We help find the system that is good for the entire family.

  • Customize the hall and bedroom closets: Hallways are a great place for a new redesigned closet, as are mudrooms. Often the perfect places for spaces involve closets, and maximizing closet space is critical in the continuing battle for neatness and we offer room to room solutions!

Summers should always be fun and worry-free. Having the right cures for clutter and neatness of space makes everything easier. An organized home indeed makes the difference in laundry, garage and closet storage, each area redesigned by our Louisiana Custom Closets expert designers, will make the difference; work with a Pro and start it all by picking up the phone.

Call us today for a free in-home estimate and you can visit our online photo gallery for more custom closet and storage solution ideas.