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3 Simply Amazing Impacts of Garage Organization

Posted: Oct 22, 2015
Categories: Garage Storage
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Louisiana Custom Closets wants to share a couple different scenarios involving the misuse of garage storage space here in Louisiana.  And at the same time, there are usually two common categories of Louisiana homeowners who want and need garage shelving solutions. One type of client is often overwhelmed with work, family activities, and long hours each and every week. The messy garage is always on the “honey do” list, yet there is never enough time to get projects started, let alone finished.

These customers are the neighbors we all know who have to leave their cars in the driveway or on the street. It is always because of the voluminous amount of disorder that includes: camping gear, boxes, tools, bikes, old dressers, cabinets, toys, and sports related items; none of which can be stored outside in the elements or inside the house because of lack of room and storage space. The other client is more straight-forward. The focus is on renewed neatness, organization with enough room for the bikes, and storage for the two cars. Appearance is very important to this homeowner. The garage is much more than a garage; it has to look good at all times.

The commonality between the two individuals is often the frustration that comes from disarray and long-term disorganization. Simple and stylish garage shelving solutions can be very beneficial to both clients for a number of important reasons. Storage space, in most homes here in Louisiana, is often very scarce. Yet, there are a wide variety of garage shelving solutions that can be added to the space to solve a number of problems. It is often not easy for homeowners to visualize space saving garage shelving ideas on their own.

It is good to know that Louisiana Custom Closets creates the total garage organization solution that fits; utilization is simple and straight forward. Homeowners, used to previous years of frustration, quickly see huge impacts in neatness and stress reduction as well. Wall and floor organizational solutions make a big difference. Our professional staff and our talented designers offer a variety of garage shelving solutions to fit all needs.

Here are three ways Louisiana Custom Closets helps create the needed solutions for garage organization systems that impact both first impressions and home improvement:

  • Allows a homeowner to park vehicles in the garage: Louisiana Custom Closets not only installs custom garage cabinets and shelving, we also help create garage organization solutions.
  • Adds inside storage space in rooms and closets: There are many items in bedroom closets that can be stored outside, neatly and effectively, in the garage. These items usually are not sensitive to temperature changes and can be stored in cooler and hotter environments. A few of the articles that can be moved to a garage storage systems are shoes, luggage, and off season clothes, jackets, shoes, and vests.  
  • Declutters dens, family rooms, and utility areas: We can improve the capacity of laundry room and under-the-cabinet organization by placing and storing rags, soaps, detergents, and sponges in the garage. And who doesn’t love couponing?  The right garage storage solutions allow for more storage of all the new found deals the family needs.

There are probably a lot of organizational needs as we head to Halloween and the Holiday Season. We have the vision of how to create garage space and declutter your home. Now is a great time to call Louisiana Custom Closets to get a free, no-obligation quote for custom garage cabinets.

Have a safe and enjoyable Halloween!