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3 Places and Spaces to Improve with Louisiana Custom Closets

Posted: Apr 10, 2013
Categories: Custom Closets
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Louisiana Custom Closets is more than what our name implies!  We don’t just customize expansive and luxurious closets for homes, townhouses, condominiums and apartments; we actually have something to offer for almost any room in the house!  From garages to pantries to office areas, our superior custom woodwork and installation skills will turn your living space into one with personalized style!

If you have a closet that needs better organization, we can work with your space to give you the optimum design for both your needs and wants. Large to small, any closet can be improved by utilizing all the available space.  We can do everything from building custom hard-wood shelves and cabinetry to installing highly functional wire shelving. But that’s not all we do!  We can customize several different areas of your home.

Here are three places and spaces we can improve that you may not have even thought about:

  • Hall Closets - These small “utility” closets can sometimes seem like a nuisance, usually having awkward placement in the house with inadequate space to be very useful for storage. Because of that, many of these spaces look like large junk drawers. Instead of ignoring this valuable space, turn it into something that makes your home a little more unique!  These closets can be spruced up in a wide variety of ways.  For example, installing a bench and some shelving can turn this space into a perfectreading nook for your family!
  • Kid Closets - This is another space that many parents overlook when customizing their child’s room.  Many are used for toy storage. Let us install a personalized closet for your little ones to give them one more area of the house to call their own!
  • Library/Home Office – This is critical for micro small businesses and solo professionals; in fact this is good for anyone doing some work at the home office. Our custom shelving and cabinet making doesn’t have to solely be put to use in a closet!  We can install beautiful hard-wood shelving and complete organization in your home office to give it the classic feel you want, or we create something more modern and personalized.

If you have a space that you want to improve and make better use of, large or small, we have the knowledge and ability to work with you and create something unique and functional.  Not only in the closets, but in any room in the house!  Contact us today to get started on turning your house into a complete home organization!