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3 Incredible Ways Custom Closets Benefit Homeowners

Posted: Feb 8, 2018
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Last month, in our Louisiana Custom Closet blog post, our team shared the many benefits of custom bedroom closets. There are even more ways homeowners across NOLA, southern Louisiana and Mississippi can benefit from a custom closet in every bedroom.

At Louisiana Custom Closets, our designers and installers make everything simple for homeowners to get a custom closet in every bedroom. Whether it is the master or the guest bedroom, we design the best custom closet for every need. Our company specializes in making the most of any available space, creating efficiency and organization.

Louisiana Custom Closets offer three more incredible ways that custom closets can benefit homeowners and offices:

  • Favorites shoes storage for every season: Shoes can be all over the closet floor or piled on each other in the back of the closet. Our professionals can offer an array of choices; from flat, slanted, and tiered shelves and cubbies, to other storage ideas that provide the needed space for organization.
  • Hampers, baskets and more: Our team can design hamper or basket utility that is great for dirty clothes. This makes it easier to get the wash to the laundry room for sorting. Convenience and storage saves time.
  • Increasing home value: Having a bedroom custom closet creates maximum organization. It also increases home value. Regardless of selling or staying in a home, having custom bedroom closets always improve both looks and value. Potential home buyers always look in the closets; beautiful and efficient closet spaces will always enhance the value of any home.

Louisiana Custom Closets can design bedroom closets for every sized home. Our designers will come directly to each home, and collectively, we can explain, help, and coordinate decisions and options. Our focus is on what is best for the space available in the home. We also do storage for offices and buildings that need clutter cures as well!

All homeowners in the NOLA, Louisiana and Mississippi regions can visit our online photo gallery to view our great custom closets, or call us at (985) 871-0810 for a free in-home estimate. We look forward to creating and designing the best custom closet for every situation.