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3 Important Ways to Update the Home Office

Posted: Oct 12, 2016
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Many Louisiana homeowners understand and appreciate the blend of small business and family life. For many people, working from home has a tremendous amount of advantages, from the saving of commute time to more focused efficiency. A home office also is a great place for the children to study when they get home from school, or do assignments and projects on the weekends.

When families are working toward collective goals, it is important to have an effective work and study space. In fact, many experts often recommend a designated space to work. Fortunately, our experts at Louisiana Custom Closets can help homeowners create and designate these types of spaces for both work and study.

Louisiana Custom Closets can help by adding a modern, organized and functional home and work office in three important ways:

  • Building a well-organized multi-use space: Attempting to locate a pen or file amidst the clutter of the kitchen table is both distracting and counterproductive. For that reason, it is important to be organized. Louisiana Custom Closets can help homeowners select the proper shelving and storage solutions to turn a disordered and crowded area into a functional place to complete work and study. With an array of file storage solutions, there are many methods to create inspiring and useful spaces.
  • Adding convenient pull-out shelving: These extremely convenient shelving units are “designed to handle all models of printers and CPUs.” Simply tuck away a printer to reduce clutter while working; slide it out when it’s time to print off copies.  The shelving will hold all the tools needed while maintaining a neat appearance at the same time. It may also be helpful to stow away the computer or laptop in a similar manner. The internet, especially with children, can create endless distractions. Storing everything away with pull-out shelving ends the distraction. Simply pull out what is needed for the work day or homework assignment.
  • Increasing overall file, office and study storage: File old handouts, assignments, and projects neatly using an array of file storage. Designate a section for business and a section for academics, so when it’s time to work or study, there are many options available. Add notes from conferences, meetings, e-mails and phone calls; and access important information at any time. Often these notes, papers, and documents get lost in drawers or cluttered countertops. File storage designated to the home and work office makes it easy to use and simple to find. Add a keyboard tray for even better space efficiency.

Finally, working with our expert designers, homeowners can add their own personal and professional details to make the space effective. It’s important that the space has an element of comfort. Remember we offer more than products, we offer solutions!

Contact our professionals at Louisiana Custom Closets today to create a customized home office that provides a lot of options.