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3 Important Ways to Make Holiday Gifting Simple!

Posted: Nov 22, 2016
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It’s an exciting time of year across Louisiana! Thanksgiving Day is here and the Holiday Season is in full-swing; the local stores are full of festive seasonal displays. Our families and friends are planning special gatherings, and homeowners across Louisiana are displaying their favorite holiday decorations once again. The stores are also having great deals, and everyone is enjoying finding those special gifts for loved ones!  Arriving home with gifts that need to be wrapped can be fun if homeowners have a good system for organizing their gift wrap and holiday supplies. This is the season to keep gift-wrapping supplies neat, with both storage and organization. Gift wrapping is an all year long activity as gifts are bought for birthdays, weddings, baby showers and more.

With the help of Louisiana Custom Closets, our team suggests three important ways to enjoy effortless gift-wrap organization and functionality:

  1. Enjoy a functional island space: For homeowners who have the space, installing an island can be an excellent way to get organized. The counter space is a great place to play Christmas music, roll out the wrapping paper, and get gifts ready for giving. Designate a drawer or two for ribbons, bows, gift tags, tissue paper, bags, and tape. That way, everything that is needed will be close and accessible. Island space makes it convenient for other duties as well, packing suitcases, working on a favorite hobby, and laundry folding among many more.
  2. Install a basket system: When installing cabinets into a home office area, pantry, or closet, designate one that will fit several rolls of wrapping paper. After the holidays are over, homeowners can purchase discounted holiday gift wrap and stow it away where it won’t be misplaced or damaged in the coming year. Additionally, fitted baskets can help keep paper from getting ripped and wrinkled. Another great use for basket storage is a laundry hamper. Our professionals from Louisiana Custom Closets can create any idea into functional action, making organization and space a top priority in busy homes across NOLA.  
  3. Maximize drawer space with custom dividers: Instead of stuffing everything into a drawer, add drawer dividers to keep things organized. Junk drawers are often chaotic and cluttered; ensure every item is easier to locate by finding space for everything. Organization makes it easier to locate scissors, tape, gift tags, stamps, bows, and ribbons; plus they’ll stay nicer longer when they’re not crammed under piles of other miscellaneous items!

Never over buy holiday and birthday gift wrap again because everything will be in its place. Our team of designers will create new and improved organization systems that provide excellent room-by-room solutions. For customized, functional storage solutions, and other clutter busting ideas, contact our Louisiana Custom Closets professionals for a free estimate.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!