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3 Important Tips from Louisiana Custom Closets that will Improve Closet Organization

Posted: Feb 6, 2019
Categories: Closet Systems
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Take this quick and simple one sentence test: Can your closet door be closed? If not, it’s time to get serious and make your closet more efficient. Many Louisiana homeowners have closets that look like they are from a scene from Hoarders with clothes on the floor, shoes everywhere, and misplaced items.

Louisiana Custom Closets knows how hard it is to keep closets organized and is offering some simple suggestions. With these tips, closet space is more efficient and it will be easier to find everyone’s favorite clothing items.

Louisiana Custom Closets offers three ways to transport closet space in order to help create functional, organized spaces where everything has a place:

  • Organize Closets by Color:  One of the easiest and quickest ways to organize closet space is to hang clothes by color instead of folding them. Place all blue blouses and shirts together, then put all white blouses and shirts together and continue with each color. Do the same with pants, dresses, skirts, and sweaters.
  • Organize Clothes By Sleeve Lengths:  If the closet area is large and includes double hanging shelves, it will be more functional to hang clothing by sleeve lengths. Put all short sleeves together on one side of the closet and then sort by color. Next put all long sleeves together by color on the other side of the closet. This method is more convenient and efficient. And it looks good too.
  • Organizing Shoe Racks and Shelves:  Too many shoes with nowhere to put them? Store shoes with a flat shelf within the closet or on a slanted shoe shelf. There are also small metal shoe racks that can be placed under hanging items. Both of these organizers are ideal, inexpensive and functional.

If you have been searching messy closets for specific items, closet reorganization will make every room look more attractive and efficient. To enhance closet space even more, give the professional Louisiana Custom Closets a call, and we will come out and offer other ideas such as shelving, floor storage, wall mount storage, and cabinets. Why not make the one room that gets a lot of use the neatest room in the house?

Call Louisiana Custom Closets today for a free in-home consultation for closet organization and more. Spring cleaning is the perfect excuse; make the appointment today.