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3 Important Strategies for Small Home Closet Storage from Louisiana Custom Closets

Posted: Feb 9, 2017
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Owning a Louisiana cottage-style home offers a lot of great advantages. It provides lower mortgage payments and in many cases less heating and cooling costs. One of the most challenging aspects of a smaller style home is that it has cozy rooms with less than adequate closet space and storage areas.

Louisiana Custom Closets can show every small homeowner in the NOLA Region and Southern Louisiana how to maximize storage at attractive prices. We have been in the business of creating custom closets and storage for over 19 years, and our professional designers and expert installers can help all everyone get the perfect closet storage space in virtually every living space.

Our team of designers offers three important strategies to maximize closet storage in a small home and take full advantage of every space:

Closets are probably the most challenging areas of a small home for both space and storage with shoes stacked in boxes and clothes hung in a number of ways. However, in homes with two bedrooms and less than 1500 square feet, the storage possibilities are endless.

  • Shoe collection: Our team can design different ways to store shoes with shelving and effective strategy. By creating and organizing shelves with storage in mind, it is simple to add areas for shoes.
  • Different types of clothing: We all know different clothing needs different storage space. We offer many alternatives for closets that need additional storage. Space can be designed clothes that are hung up or folded. Our team offers several options that include long hanging, double hanging, triple hanging and folded clothes.
  • Wall mounted closets: We offer specific designs for a traditional floor mount closet, which gives that true built-in look. We can also design a wall mounted closet storage system that makes it easy to vacuum or clean and replace carpeting. Whether a floor mount closet or a wall mounted closet is desired, we can handle both, helping to decide what is best to increase closet storage space in the smallest of homes in every situation.

Louisiana Custom Closets can easily design beautiful and efficient closet storage for every home. Our designers will make a site visit and work directly with the homeowners. Call us today for a free estimate at (985) 871-0810 or click on our website for a free in home estimate. Customers can also take a look at our photo gallery for closet and storage ideas.