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3 Important Reasons to Reorganize Louisiana Office Space

Posted: Jul 6, 2016
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Organization is critical for Louisiana businesses as they deal with everyday activities. Searching for documents and having work areas that are functional as well just makes sense. Yet, many small and medium size businesses need a little professional expertise and ingenuity to redefine office space and functionality.  When it comes to office organization, it is important to be both efficient and productive. Louisiana Custom Closets can offer ideas and solutions to common office arrangements that can increase business growth and opportunity. Many work and home offices can often lack the expertise to create more functional work space on their own; the most important improvement being efficiency.   Our design specialists, at Louisiana Custom Closets, can work to create customized storage solutions that meet both budget and space considerations. Louisiana Custom Closets knows exactly what’s needed to help with workspace reorganization.

Here are three very important reasons why customized offices increase effort and efficiency:

  1. Productivity: Attempting to accomplish tasks and get work completed in a disorganized workspace affects morale and organizational climate. The Harvard Business Review (HBR) recently reported that working in neater spaces inspired more positive and persistent behavior when accomplishing a task. The management magazine also concluded it also involves self-management. If employees procrastinate on an assignment that should be done, it “depletes mental resources,” draining workers of energy that should and could be used toward getting work done. While cluttered desks may boost creativity, it hinders productivity. Whether at home or at work, an office space should be tidy and organized, so the work accomplished is efficient.
  2. Organization: Employees have a tough time in chaotic workspaces. Forbes recently reported, “According to a new survey of over 1000 workers by staffing firm Adecco, a majority of Americans (57%) admit they judge coworkers by how clean or dirty they keep their workspaces.” Organizational solutions that involve top quality file storage systems, pull out shelving, keyboard trays, and closet customization will make it simpler to stay organized over the long-term.  
  3. Simplicity: Postponing office improvements can affect the bottom line and decrease employee satisfaction. Hire our local professionals who bring experience and planning that can save both time and money. It only takes one call to get the process started. Call Louisiana Custom Closets for all  office space needs and organizational storage. From maximizing desk space to a proper filing system, our team has everything covered.

Disorganization can hinder both productivity and environment; with the help of Louisiana Custom Closets, local businesses are one step closer to more functional and organized office space. Specific needs and customized solutions blend together to make each business one that both management and employees can be proud of every day.

Contact Louisiana Custom Closets today to see how we can help organize your office space.