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3 Important Pantry Organizational Tips for Louisiana Households

Posted: Jan 27, 2016
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The kitchen is often the heart and soul of Louisiana homes, especially in the winter time. This focus for a warm kitchen, good times and family camaraderie can often make the pantry area the most important closet in the home. Therefore, it is important that it is an organized and efficient as a space to be used in a number of ways for both food and drink storage. Louisiana Custom Closets knows that the pantry is a busy place, often used three or more times a day.

Time and organization are integral to neat and tidy order. Yet, how often does a Louisiana household struggle to find something that is needed for cooking or a snack? Is there an assured way to declutter the average kitchen pantry?

Louisiana Custom Closets recommends three pantry organization tips to efficiently use all of the important space in a pantry:

  • Add additional shelving: Additional pantry shelving is a simple yet, highly efficient way to use any available space to its fullest. We offer an array of additional shelving such as corner shelves and storage spaces specifically designed for pots, pans, and platters. There are also very popular organizers for kitchen drawers which are ideal for linens, pot holders, and kitchen towels.
  • Add organizational bins: Storage bins are effective ways to organize smaller or more specific items such as spices, mixes, and sauces. Wine and spice racks are also available and they make wonderful options that can be installed byLouisiana Custom Closets.
  • Create an organization system: It is important to create organization and stick to it. The design team at Louisiana Custom Closets can help create a custom pantry organization system that works for any size closet and any size family. Having an organized pantry creates simplicity with the knowledge that all food items are found with just a quick glance.

Homeowners and apartment dwellers alike want to make sure that the pantry is the most efficient closet in your Louisiana home. Louisiana Custom Closets can customize any pantry organization system in any home or business environment. It is important to have a quick turnaround time for designing and installing custom pantry organization that ensures success and satisfaction. Louisiana Custom Closets can often complete storage installations in a day or less, all the while keeping the aggravation associated with construction to a minimum.

Don’t let a cluttered pantry cause stress, day in and day out. Instead, improve kitchen organization by removing the clutter, putting in a shelving system, and having a pantry organization system. Contact the design team at Louisiana Custom Closets today for a FREE in-home estimate.