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3 Great Ways to Organize Accessories

Posted: Sep 8, 2016
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As autumn quickly approaches, many of us across Southern Louisiana will swap out our bold-colored summer accessories for earth-tones, scarves, and leg-warmers. While fall may not indicate a complete shift in wardrobe for everyone, many people can agree that accessories enhance an outfit and help people express themselves. From jewelry to ties, scarfs to shoes, clothing accessories are used in a variety of situations. Unfortunately, because these items are often small or difficult to hang or stack properly, they can often become disorganized piles in the bottom of the closet and other spaces.

Here are three interesting ways the experts at Louisiana Custom Closets handle the problems of clutter and chaos:

  1. Neat storage for belts and ties: These important accessories are often worn daily; others are reserved for special events—regardless of their use, they can be stored neatly so they don’t get damaged. Louisiana Custom Closets can make the most of any closet space with the installation of belt and tie racks. These racks will make these important items more accessible every single time they are needed. All without the disorganization and clutter.  
  2. Jewelry organization: Rather than continue to untangle necklace chains and pillage drawers and boxes for a missing earring, invest in a jewelry organization system that fits every need.  Jewelry can be a fashionable expression of personality, sentimentality, and value. Remember, these precious items can get lost or damaged due to lack of organization or storage space. A customized jewelry tray or organizer will protect every investment.  
  3. Space maximized with baskets, drawer dividers, and valet rods: Louisiana Custom Closet offers excellent choices with wire and linen-lined baskets. Linen-lined drawers make great hampers without crowding a bedroom area. Other uses could include sock and undergarment storage. Drawer dividers create storage space for a large variety of items from office supplies to scarves and tights. Finally, we offer valet rods that are both elegant and functional.

Accessories can often be difficult to organize. Invest in the professional guidance of our friendly, knowledgeable staff at Louisiana Custom Closets to create a space that functions best for your household and belongings. Say goodbye to cluttered accessories, and unlock your closet's potential. Call today to get a free estimate. Be organized and feel better about it!