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3 Great Ways to Have a Dream Garage from Louisiana Custom Closets

Posted: Feb 21, 2017
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Louisiana Custom Closets wants to help Louisiana homeowners create that dream garage this spring. Now is the time to plan that “garage mahal”; working around the house and in the garage is a rite of passage for many DIY’s and car buffs and fun in in the air throughout NOLA and the entire region at large. Spring also means a wide variety of outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, biking, camping and yard work. All of these activities take a lot of equipment and gear, and everything can take up a lot of room in the garage and in the home itself.

Considering most homes in our part of the country are without basements, many times the garage ends up as the catch-all for everything that is not needed on a regular basis. In no time, everything is leaning against the garage wall and shoved in any vacant spot possible. Sooner or later, the cars end up having to be parked outside in the driveway or on the street because the garage has become a storage unit.

Typically, garages can be a constant source of annoyance; always trying to organize, clean and rearrange everything just to make it look nice and neat. Thankfully, it is not that hard to have an organized dream garage that is efficient, organized and affordable. It just takes the expert design team from Louisiana Custom Closets.

Our team offers three great ways to have a dream garage everyone will love:

  • Professional and functional designs: A dream garage starts with an idea and follows up with a great design. Our professional designers at Louisiana Custom Closets can create a beautifully organized garage for homeowners, car and bike enthusiasts, and “do it yourselfers” and hobbyists. We offer free in-home consultations, with designs displayed on state of the art computer software. Customers will be able to visualize their new dream garage and approve the design quickening the process.
  • Garage cabinets and storage options: Our garage cabinets are stronger and superior to standard cabinets in a garage because of our FastTrack mounting system. This mounting system allows for cabinets to be mounted off the floor and away from any water and dirt. In addition to mounting cabinets on the FastTrack rails, a variety of accessories can also be mounted on the rails. Accessories snap onto the FastTrack rails and can be repositioned as needed. Many items can be stored up and off the ground giving plenty of storage space while at the same time giving the space a neat and organized look.
  • Garage shelving: Custom shelving from Louisiana Custom Closets can also help organize the garage. Wall shelves are great above a work bench, keeping the work areas completely clutter free.

Take the stress and aggravation out of a full and disorganized garage and bring the pure joy of functionality and efficiency back into an active lifestyle. We can create that dream garage, clutter free and organized, for every homeowners across the region. Call Louisiana Custom Closets today at (985) 871-0810 for a free in-home estimate. Customers can also take a look at our photo gallery for additional custom closet and storage ideas.