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3 Great Ideas for Custom Closets and Storage from Louisiana Custom Closets

Posted: Feb 23, 2018
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Many Louisianans downsize for a number of reasons. It is important to note that buying a smaller home has advantages. There is usually a lower mortgage payment, lower energy costs, and these houses are often easier to maintain and keep clean. Even though a small cozy home has many advantages, the bedroom closets can be a little small and often disorganized. Bedroom closets and basic storage can be the most challenging areas of the smaller home. There is usually only two bedrooms and less than living space than in the past.  

Our Louisiana Custom Closets professional designers can show all homeowners in the NOLA region and southern Louisiana how to have an efficient custom closet and maximize all available space in a small home. As soon as plans are readied, our expert installers will install a beautiful custom closet. In a small home, the storage possibilities are endless. 

Here are three great ideas for small home custom closets and storage from Louisiana Custom Closets:

  • Clothes hanging options: Different types of clothing need different types of hanging options. We offer an array of selections for custom closets that need additional storage space. Custom closet space can be designed for clothes and other items that need to be hung up or folded. Other options can include long hanging, double hanging, and triple hanging vertical storage.
  • Wall mounted closets: Louisiana Custom Closets offers two very versatile types of custom closets. A traditional floor mount closet, which gives that true built-in custom closet look, and a wall mounted custom closet that makes it easy to vacuum and clean. Our professional designers can help all homeowners decide which design is best in the smallest of homes.
  • Shoe storage: Sometimes it seems we all forget just how many pairs of shoes we own, until it comes to store them in a way that keeps them in order. Our team can utilize different strategies for shoe storage by creating multi-level shelving. Organized shelving and cubbies create simplicity and purpose for a variety of other items as well.

Louisiana Custom Closets makes it simple for small homeowners to be both efficient and effective in reducing clutter. We offer the right solutions for storage space and custom closets. Our designers will make a site visit and work directly with the homeowner. Call us today for a free in-home estimate. Customers can also take a look at our photo gallery for closet and storage ideas.

We are the small space design experts with the most innovative storage ideas for any size home, from the tiny house movement to the largest single-family home. Our team is just a call away.