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3 Clutter Free Ways to Keep Those New Year’s Resolutions

Posted: Jan 12, 2018
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January has arrived and we have a full year ahead! Many homeowners across NOLA, Louisiana and Mississippi have made a major New Year’s resolution to make their homes orderly and clutter-free. In fact, the best way to accomplish this resolution is to organize the home. The most interesting point for our team at Louisiana Custom Closets is to help everyone understand that organization is a process. And we are here to help.

The first part of the process is to declutter the home. This might sound like an overwhelming task, but it is not really that hard. Try just 15 minutes a day. Clean the junk drawers and the medicine cabinet over first two days and the decluttering has begun.

Louisiana Custom Closets can help with ideas across all areas of the home. Our designers can easily help all homeowners find the best and most efficient designs for all home storage and custom closet needs.

Here are 3 smart ways to keep those New Year resolutions from Louisiana Custom Closets:

  • Garage: Many homeowners do not even consider the garage as an additional room in their home, and is often overlooked. The garage is often thought of as just a place to park the cars and store everything else. Sometimes, homeowners might put so much stuff in the garage, the cars end up staying outside on a permanent basis. The garage is actually a great place to declutter and organize because the garage offers so much additional storage room. Louisiana Custom Closets offers many types of garage storage solutions like our exclusive heavy-duty garage cabinets and with our fast track mounting; these garage cabinets are mounted up wall side and off the floor so items are not exposed to water or the dirt.
  • Home office: The New Year can mean getting back to work and making a resolution to keep getting better at jobs and business. For many homeowners who have a home office, 2018 is all about working hard and meeting goals. And one of the most important aspects of meeting these goals is an organized home office. We can design and install customized filing storage solutions for any sized room and area.
  • Kitchen pantry: If one of the New Year resolutions is to organize the kitchen pantry, Louisiana Custom Closets can certainly help. The days of disappearing food and buying too much of one product will soon be over. Our team can easily design an efficient and beautiful kitchen pantry that will be practical for years to come.

Louisiana Custom Closets can help all homeowners in the region keep those important New Year’s Resolutions to have a more organized home.

Louisiana Custom Closets makes it simple for every homeowner in New Orleans, Louisiana and Mississippi to meet with our designers for a no obligation free in-home estimate. We can come to any home and discuss designs that offer perfect clutter cures for every home. Contact us today for an estimate, and visit our photo gallery for more storage solution ideas.