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10 Ways To Organize Your Baby's Closet

10 Ways To Organize Your Baby's Closet
Posted: Feb 8, 2022
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If you're one of 4 million Americans planning on welcoming a little one this year, you're probably all too aware of the helter-skelter lifestyle that comes with it. 

Babies make it difficult to get usual tasks done, whether it be cleaning up the living room or organizing your home. 

And with all the tools, toys, and materials you need to care for new family members, additional closet space is more needed than ever!

At Louisiana Custom Closets, we understand just how stressful it can be to keep your house organized while raising young children. That's why we recommend organizational solutions that last and grow alongside your new child. 

Let's look at some simple ways to organize your baby's closet—before or after their arrival.

Organize A Baby Closet In 10 Easy Steps

Getting started with a baby closet is a lot less complicated than it sounds. Remember: A little work now will make life much easier down the road!

1. Clean Out The Closet

First things first, toss out any old or broken baby materials that you'll never use again. This could be anything from broken toys to old onesies to clothing that's too small.

2. Set Up Piles

Once you have all your items out, pile them into different categories. Try laying out your baby's belongings in an arrangement that makes sense for the space you have.

3. Plan Ahead And Do It For The Long Haul

Remember, you're not just organizing the baby's closet—you're establishing organizational solutions that will last for years to come. Your future self will thank you for timeless designs!

4. Label Everything!

Taking the time to label essentials will make them easier to find them later on. Consider using chalk or stickers to locate items at a glance.

5. Think Practically

Time for some elbow grease! Try to think practically about your setup, and move forward with design choices from there.

6. Maximize Your Space

Be sure to use every corner of the closet, from the floor to the back of the door. Hanging racks are very useful for this purpose.

7. Use Those Closet Wall Spaces

Now that you have the basics organized, it's time to focus on the walls. If possible, install shelves for blankets, diapers, and more.

8. Don't Forget Your Drawers

Closet drawer storage is a brilliant solution for storing baby essentials. Drawers should be used for items you don't need every day, especially toys and linens.

9. Organize By Age

It can be very useful to organize the baby's closet by age. 

In their earliest years, keep things like clothing and bottles near the front of the drawer. As they get older, change the design to meet their needs.

10. Consider Accessories

Plain and simple, babies need a lot of 'stuff.' This is why the cubbies, bins, and pullout drawers of custom closets are an excellent storage solution.

Design A Baby Closet With Help From Louisiana Custom Closet

With more than two decades of experience in the design and construction space, Louisiana Custom Closets specializes in custom closet installation in New Orleans and surrounding areas. 

Our highly trained professionals have the time, talent, and tools you need to build the perfect baby closet for your newest family member. No matter what kind of baby storage you're looking for, trust that we have the perfect custom closets for you!

Call us today at our Covington location for a free in-home estimate, or chat with us online to discuss your potential closet design options.