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10 Storage Solutions For Your Valentine in Covington, LA

10 Storage Solutions For Your Valentine in Covington, LA
Posted: Jan 13, 2022
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Valentine's Day will be here before we know it, encouraging us to show love to the ones we care about most. Chocolates and roses are some of the most common methods of showing love, but things like quality time and acts of service come in as a close second.

If you're looking for a unique way to show love to your valentine, consider investing in long-term organization solutions with personal storage needs in mind. Not only does this bring serenity and peace of mind to their home, but it can cement your loving relationship for years to come. After all, those that store together stay together!

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Let's look at 10 types of storage solutions for your valentine and what you can do to implement them correctly in their home.

Storage Solutions For Your Loved Ones On Valentine's Day - 10 Practical Ideas

With a bit of foresight and pre-planning, the storage solutions you implement for your loved ones may revolutionize the way they organize their home. Check out some of the most useful ideas below.

1. Develop A System

What items in the home should go where? Understand what storage needs your valentine already has, then design an organizational plan that could help them stay focused.

2. Turn To The Shredder

Shredders are great ways to get rid of old papers, unnecessary documents, and annoying clutter. Doing the shredding for your valentine is a serious act of love -- trust us!

3. Time For A Cleanup

Do what you can to clean out the basement, garage, or master closet. This will put a smile on any homeowner's face!

4. Sell, Donate, Or Re-purpose

Help your loved ones make the most of their unused items by selling, donating, or re-purposing them for a second life.

5. Think Vertical

Install over the door hooks, wall shelves, and other accessories to create more vertical space for your loved one.

6. Invest In Accessory Drawers

Does your valentine collect ties? What about jewelry? Buy an accessory drawer to help them keep things organized.

7. Create Nooks And Crannies

Make it easy to accomplish storage fast by creating cubbies, drawers, and out-of-the-way storage that maximizes household spaces.

8. Give Everything A Place

Designate closets, cubbies, and baskets as storage spaces for specific items. For example, the laundry room closet may only be used to store chemicals, while the mudroom closet only holds shoes and coats.

9. Go Outside The Box

Consider buying vacuum bags, storage boxes, and flat containers that fit underneath your bed. The undersides of coffee tables and kitchen bars are great places for extra storage, holding just enough space for baskets or cabinets.

10. Consider Custom Closets

Custom closets are the most efficient method of storage in the modern home. You and your valentine can quickly create an organizational system that works with your lifestyle by designing a space with all your needs in mind.

Make It A Memorable Valentine's Day With Louisiana Custom Closets

Armed with helpful storage solutions and plenty of new ideas, make February 14th a day to remember. Partner with the team at Louisiana Custom Closets to design, build, and install a personalized custom closet within just a few weeks, bringing a whole new meaning to your enduring love.

Get your by contacting our Covington team at 985-871-0810, or simply send in a contact form to have all your questions answered by a trained professional. We're looking forward to helping you create the best Valentine's Day yet!