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10 Baton Rouge Custom Closet Examples For Curious Homeowners

10 Baton Rouge Custom Closet Examples For Curious Homeowners
Posted: Mar 5, 2021
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LCC Lists Top Ideas For Baton Rouge Custom Closets

Dreaming about building a custom closet space is one thing, but getting started on the design process is another thing entirely.

Check out these 10 unique closet design ideas for Baton Rouge homeowners, all of which inspire us to build one of our own!

Baton Rouge Custom Closets — 10 Examples

Investigate the world of storage space design by checking out some of LCC's top 10 custom closet examples for homeowners looking to improve their homes, their closet spaces, and their lives.

1. Custom Shelves

Some custom shelves may be open-faced, allowing people to see the actual contents of the shelf. Some may be closed off to promote a calm, cool, and organized atmosphere. Still others may be cubby shaped to accommodate a wide variety of clothing items and accessories. This is a must-have item in virtually any custom closet environment.

2. Adjustable Clothing Rods

Your space should be all about accommodating you, which is why adjustable clothing rods are all the rage for Baton Rouge custom closets. A good example of this item in action includes the pull-down or pull-out closet rack. Upon opening a shelf door or accessory drawer, a stylized rod flips down to reveal select clothing. This makes a lovely addition to custom closet builds!

3. Center Islands

An attractive feature which catches the eye, center islands are timeless and functional in closet spaces. Use center islands as additional storage, as a place to fold clothes, or even a vanity for outfit accessories.

4. Shoe Cubbies

Shoe cubbies are all about the whimsical, playful, and functional side of your custom closet. However, they don't need to store shoes only. For example, your shoe cubby could hold hats, or folded clothing. Your Baton Rouge custom closet is full of possibilities!

5. Large Windows

Natural light is the new LED. Not only do windows provide the opportunity to let your personal tastes shine, but they make your closet space feel much more homey. For example, adding curtains or drapes around a large closet window invites color while maintaining privacy.

6. Unique Lighting

If windows aren't your thing, there are many other unique lighting examples for you to choose from. Consider installing ground lights or accent spotlights around the bases of clothing racks or drawers. These are both pleasing to look at and useful for finding clothes during certain times of day.

7. Jewelry Organizers

Keep valuables close at a hand, and take the time to organize them by frequency of use, color, or worth. 

8. Tie Racks

Use a tie rack holder to organize your specialized tie (or scarf) collection -- never lose one again!

9. Hooks & Pull Outs

Examples of these items could include some wall hooks for bathrobes, drawers with sliding functions, and even extendable racks.

10. Armoires and Wardrobes

If you need more clothing storage, armoires and wardrobes may be helpful additions to your space.

Reach Your Baton Rouge Custom Closet Dreams With LCC

Designing a custom closet starts with looking at relevant examples with the right kind of tools. Once you've determined the perfect elements for your custom closet, contact the professional designers at Louisiana Custom Closet to take the next step. Our team is passionate about helping Baton Rouge locals just like you find the custom closet of their dreams.

Call us today to get started on a design that's right for you, or inquire about any of the closet examples above. We're looking forward to going the extra mile -- just for you!